Forex Platforms Trading - The Strategy Of Zero Loss Forex Trading

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Published: 08th December 2010
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This post will irritate many and probably most traders and I say good. Certainly I don't give a damn if any of you read this page .

And it is secondary to me that most traders are stupid or at best, blind sheep in the herd. It's secondary to me that I profiteer greatly every day without fail and most idiot traders lose and bust out their account.

The reality is that most forex traders are sheep who blindly accept a confused path of marketing hype and most forex trainers are only big-noting "expert status" always using greed only pursuading the masses something under mask of "guru".

I am simply different because I reliably and normally make a not special $30,000 clear free cash flow profit most trading days and I haven't any interest in selling you anything. There is not a thing you can purchase from this website.

With the advent of electronic Platforms Trading, the hands-on but criminal 4x broker out of the middle-man market manipulations that dealing-desk trading was previously corrupted with - us retail traders have more of an honest chance to profit from the markets. The market place is more transparent now. Though there's still brokerage houses that scam trades via platforms trading - mostly it is just stupid trading that generates losses.

Anyway, with all that said, let's now get my most disturbing reality up for discussion so you can all vomit, and rant and rave that I of course am a complete lunatic. Here it is now said;

"Stop Loss settings do NOT Stop Losses - they make them real".

I say that it is unprofitable to close forex trades that are showing a loss when almost always that trade can be exited from with profits at some later time.

Getting in your face about this - any 4x trading position that under-water now will invariably be in or worst case break even at some future time because of changes in market herd mentality, news event, Fibo retracement or whatever - almost always a negative price action today is fantastic tomorrow.

And because of what I am arguing here about price action is easily verifiable, exiting a bad 4x trade ever is nonsense!

The best action to take in regards to losing forex trade is to hedge that trade by means of an opposite. The hedge trade immediately neutralises any and all further damage to your equity account and it gives you time to consider what you will do next.

Frequently when prices continue to go against the first order - I then hedge the thing again and often I will multiple-hedge a bad trade 5-10 times!

Eg, assume I open a lot and it goes bad which I immediately hedge - and I usually hedge it at the price most idiot traders would have exited it with a stop loss concept. As the price action is now going crazy in the same direction of the hedge, every solid chance I get I will open further hedges. Before I know it my bottomline equity is well in front of where I was with just the one trade, and certainly I'm way into profits ahead of the drones who used a Stop Loss setting.

It was funny watching the NFA as it tried to muscle its determination on the retail forex trader by introducing impotent rules banning its member fx brokers from facilitating hedge trading. And what a fool the NFA made itself out to be - given that every trader with a brain simply migrated their accounts and cash out of the USA. The effect the NFA had seriously damaged the United States as a financial center; further confirming London as the home of most fx currency action.

Even those fx brokers with United States operations quickly migrated those client accounts who demanded hedge capabilities off-shore - end of that story. Smart money demands hedge capacity. Stupid money uses Stop Loss concept.

Philson Beckett is a fulltime fx trader, but has no forex products to sell. He is confronting and known to contradict mainstream thinking with his forex trading style. Bringing in $7,000,000-$8,000,000 net cash flow profit from his well equipped home-office, he usually ignores fx meeting places and debates. He does offer some ideas about Platforms Trading from time to time and further Trading Platforms discussions which have no losses concepts.

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